5.1 Instructional Design

  • What do you understand by the term instructional design?
  • Which Instructional design model do you think you will use in your project and why?
  • What are the advantages of using a model?

My understanding of the term instructional design from the very limited research I did before I started writing this piece is that it is the process or well design of how a student is suppose to experience in a course and what will they get out of it. To oversimplify the term I would simply say what will the student do from point A to point B to be able to do skill A through to skill Z. So process and then outcome, design the process so that you achieve the outcome is what I understand of it. The details such as success of outcome I would believe to be up too the contents and design of the process.

To pick a model I would presume to be some what limiting depending on the topic of which you would what to teach. I mean you wouldn’t do physical education without actually physically practicing the exercises and you would not physically create and detonate a bomb to observe it you would mostly theorize outcomes for that. However if I was to choose one I would choose SAM. SAM as in the model not the name, the SAM model I believe with its logical small step. ¬†written in, “Instruction Design Models” (n.d.).SAM is a different approach to the development of instructional design products that addresses the performance need through iterations, repeated small steps, rather than with perfectly executed giant steps. These small steps allow for errors and reiterations to keep adapting the learning to better suit the learners.


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